Phil Daniels

Board Mentor


Formerly a UK attorney with the BBC, is co-founder and partner in Ginsburg Daniels Kallis, LLP, a premier Entertainment law firm and pioneer in digital media law, as well as handling traditional TV, film and music law. A hands-on attorney, he helps clients to develop, produce and distribute content across all media platforms.  He works with the leading studios, networks, production companies, brands, agencies and talent in the space.  His firm drafts and negotiates agreements relating to interplay of talent, content, brands and technology.   Phil also angel invests in cutting edge media companies, with his portfolio companies having successful raised VC financing and in some cases achieved exits.  He’s also created and helped build new venture companies with and around his clients, including vinyl record company, video content and merchandise businesses.  Phil likes to give back, and is the co-founder of the “Impact with Influence” nonprofit,  which has a mission of accelerating, supporting and promoting communication and messaging for maximum influence.

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