Episode 46: Joseph McClendon On How People Can Achieve A Magnetic Connection

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection


Those who conduct public presentations and speaking stints must master the skill of getting people’s attention rapidly. But beyond that, what speakers must seek to achieve is forging a solid magnetic connection with their audience. Michael Silvers brings the energetic performance coach Joseph McClendon to share his strategies in connecting with people on another level. He explains how getting within and delivering authentic value to others will allow a speaker to breach even their inner energies, leading to a magnetic bond that’s hard to break. Joseph also talks about how speakers like him dealt with the virtual shift brought by COVID-19, keeping your drive to speak always burning, and the required strength in facing every challenge, from simple hecklers to the biggest limiting beliefs of life.

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Joseph McClendon On How People Can Achieve A Magnetic Connection

We have a whole group on with us. As everybody knows, our mission is to take mentoring around the world to serve those that are underserved. We are going to do that because we are not only going to help our communities but in April of 2022, we are going to start a world tour. We are going to start in London and then we are going to go to communities around the world to take our mentors and serve those who are underserved and make a difference. I’ve got a special guest on tonight. One of my business partners and one of our mentors is going to do the introduction. I’m going to give her a little bit of an introduction because I’ve got this down. Also, it’s nice to know where people come from. You have heard Mary before because I have done interviews and she has been on the show.

I worked with Mary Glorfield for several years. We spent a lot of time together. Mary Glorfield was Tony Robbins’ Executive Vice President for eighteen years. She did 4 million miles with Tony on the road with three million participants in 82 countries. She also went on to a career with T Harv Eker and many others booking most of the major stages in the US until COVID. She’s going to continue on that journey. I learned so much from her every day. It’s because of the gentlemen we have coming on, she is the perfect one to do the introduction. She’s one of the best business partners I have ever had. She challenges me every day. She makes me look at everything that I do and take this to the next level and be of service. Without any further ado, for this introduction, I’m going to turn it over to Mary Glorfield.

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Magnetic Connection: Even when things go to the new normal, it will be a mixture of virtual and live.


Thank you, Michael. You are kind. I am so excited about our guest tonight, Joseph McClendon III. He’s one of the most sought-after ultimate performance specialists in the world. His unique techniques rapidly triggered the personal change that effectively moves you to take more consistent action and go further faster with your personal and business achievements. He has delivered hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, keynote addresses, seminars and training programs, one-on-one therapeutic intervention and has presented to over three million people. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in business, health and wellness and personal development. Joseph taught at UCLA for seven years and is frequently called upon to lecture at other higher learning institutes like Harvard University and many Fortune 500 companies in the United States, as well as across Europe and Australia.

Joseph has partnered with the world-renowned life coach Anthony Robbins, Tony, who we all know, for over 30 years. You may have seen him train together with Tony at conferences, particularly Unleash the Power Within which Joseph does at least half of it now. He has a mission of making you bold in your ability to achieve the life you desire and to help you go further, faster now. One of the personal things that I admire most about Joseph is that I have known Joseph for several years. We have had the opportunity to travel the world. Joseph has never said a negative thing about anyone in all those years that I have known him and that speaks exactly to who this man is. I am thrilled to call him my friend and be able to introduce him to you. I know he’s going to have so many valuable things to teach you.

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Mary, thank you so much. I must dote on you for a minute first because it has been several years that we have worked together. You have been an integral part of my success and my growth as well. For those of you who don’t know Mary, she’s the GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time. She had always held me to the highest of standards. She had always been somebody that will always shoot from the hip and tell me exactly the way that it is and tell me what I need to know. You have been instrumental in my growth as well. Michael, thank you for having me. Thank you everybody for sharing your precious time with me.

I’m honored to have both of you on. This is because I take a look at personal development journeys and how we follow our journeys and how our life changes. Mine was an introduction early on to Bob Proctor and then to T Harv Eker. I have every Tony Robbins from way back because of the infomercials. For those of us who are night owls, it hit us, “Who’s this guy and what is he doing?” I have heard of Jim Rohn. The world has changed now. A lot of the people reading are podcasters and people who are authors and are speaking. It’s like, “I wanted to be a speaker but now I’m going to be a podcaster. Now it’s all going to be virtual.” Can you talk a little bit about where you see the world going? You have been on the major stages and now you have been on the major virtual stages. Talk a little bit about that and even some of the techniques it takes.

You can call yourself a podcaster because that adds to your repertoire. In other words, you get good by doing. We get good at presenting by presenting. These days, it is. As I said to Mary, when she called me, I live on Zoom now. This is the way that the world goes. To answer your question, Michael, what I believe is going to happen and is happening, everything is virtual now. We did a 40,000 person UPW virtual event but it’s a big Zoom call and podcast. It took me about an hour of my first one of those before I’ve got into the rhythm of it. The biggest difference is that if I’m live and I say something to a live audience, there’s going to be audible and energetic immediate feedback but on Zoom or the virtual events, there isn’t. I had to get that timing down. Once that happened, it’s like doing anything else.

I believe that even when things go to the new normal, the new normal is going to be a mixture of virtual as well as live because some things are advantages to doing virtual. People don’t have to leave their houses. They don’t have to book a flight. They don’t have to book a hotel room. It’s a lot less expensive for both the presenters and the participants. The downside is you miss that energetic exchange, comradery and that connection. There’s going to be a bit of both. To the readers, keep doing what you are doing. I started doing podcasts when COVID hit. It was a blessing in disguise when it came around. It was like, “I get to do this.”

When COVID hit, Mary, some of the events were with you. I had events all the way into 2020. It’s probably getting close to five million people now that I have had the privilege of being in front of. A lot of that has to do with Mary because she would hire me and book me for gigs as well. Right before COVID hit, on average, I was in front of 15,000 to 20,000 people every single month. I remember the day I was sitting right here at my desk and I’d gotten off the phone with the last person who canceled my last gig.

I looked at my calendar. For the first time in 30 years, it was empty, nothing. When I looked at it, I will admit it, me, the great Joseph McClendon III, fear struck me. I remember saying to myself, “What am I going to do?” I thought for a second, “Everything that I do is gone.” I practice what I preach. In other words, I have trained myself and it’s what I train other people to do is to program themselves to default to their better self, to be optimistic and start looking at their options. What happened was this thing came over me. I remember sitting here at my desk and all of a sudden, I’ve got this big smile on my face. I jumped up, I ran into the bathroom and I looked myself in the eyes and I said, “Joseph, what do we get to do now?” From that point on, it was about what we get to create. We have all become familiar with this term now, pivot. I pivoted. There were some challenges. One of those pivots was I started a podcast. I started because I knew that that is something that I wanted to build that skillset. Wherever you are starting, keep doing what you are doing.

It was a difference for all of us, especially in that industry. It was like the blank slate effect in a way. We all have fears. It was a shift. The other question that always comes up now that we have had this shift and I have been training to be a speaker or a podcaster and to be on stage. The necessary skills, do you see those as different now? Can you talk about a couple of skills that every speaker-podcaster needs?

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Magnetic Connection: There’s a huge difference between impact and influence versus entertain and teach.


They are the same. There’s an adjustment in how you do something. I teach a presentation course, teaching people how to present from the stage. As I look at it, all of the principles hold true, whether it’s video or podcast. All of the principles about how-to and here’s the difference. Impact and influence people versus entertain and teach because it’s a huge difference. A lot of would-be speakers, come to the stage as the authority. They come to the stage as, “I’m going to teach you something. I’m going to impart my wisdom on you.” To do that effectively, you’ve got to impact and influence them to be receptive to that, to be receptive to taking on something.

It’s not a matter of me teaching you something. It’s a matter of me finding out what you want and then showing you how you can better achieve that. My thing is further faster. I always ask people, “Do you want what you want sooner rather than later?” I have been doing this for a long time and I haven’t met one person yet that said, “I will wait until later.” Everybody wants what they want sooner or later. There is a process. I’m fortunate that I have had a lot of great mentors, Mary and Tony. I went back to school and got my Doctorate in Neuropsychology. I did it because I’ve got tired of having to explain what an ultimate performance coach is. I’ve got tired of trying to explain what Neurolinguistics is. When people ask me, “What do you do?” I say, “I’m a Psychologist.” I can add things to it. All of those skills that I learned, I’m Certified in Neuro-linguistic, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, Traditional Psychology to Hypnotherapy, all of those things. I only use a handful of them to produce the results that I’m able to produce. That’s something that I call Neural Encoding.

It’s an important piece because it’s making the connection with the audience and realizing that the audience has all these different views of representational systems. There are so many different ways, depending on what system you came from to say what’s going on with the audience or in a way, how you make that connection. I know most of us on here, having been in audiences as large as you have been in front of, can you talk a little bit about it because we did this on one call. I talked about the connection with the back of the room. It’s still connecting with an audience. If you could share some pointers on how to connect with an audience, whether you are in 1,000, 10,000, I know it’s a little different but some general concepts.

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I will take it one step further. I will give everybody here an influence model. Get out your pad and paper and write this down. First of all, as I start to say this, you are going to recognize that I have already done exactly what I’m getting ready to say. There’s a reason why everybody, including Mary, who’s heard me 60 billion times is still listening to me right now. There’s something inside of you that’s going, “What’s next? This guy has got something next.” I hope I don’t. I’m going to come off a little arrogant as I say this because I’m going to assume a few things like what I said there that you are not necessarily hanging on my every breath but there’s a part of you that’s going, “I want some of what this guy has got to say.”

That all comes from something called an influence model. At the top of your page write the influence model. This model is something I teach. There are so much more to it. There are about twelve different ones, but this is one that everybody can use. It is something that I have used for a long time, especially impromptu or spontaneous when somebody asks, “Joseph, get up here and say a couple of words.” Remember this first that it’s about connection. Connection is everything. Who cares if you are smarter than everybody out there, if you are the one on stage and if you don’t have a connection? If you have a connection, then you can move people.

I get people to do some pretty crazy stuff. Stand up and shake their asses and do all kinds of crazy stuff. The reason that they will do it is because of what I’m about to share with you. It’s about connection. I want you to write on the left-hand side of your page. I want you to write ILASA. These are the steps. Here’s what I’m trying to get everybody to do. This is your operative. When you are in front of an audience, whether it is on Zoom. Response means connection. As soon as you have that, you have a connection or rapport. People like people like themselves. As soon as somebody goes like this, they were like you because they agree with you.

The physical body is releasing dopamine and all those things that are going on as soon as you are doing that. That’s what I will watch for. I will gauge how well I’m doing before I can move to the next step of how many people I see doing this, whether it’s Zoom. As I’m seeing, most of you are going, “This makes sense.” You can’t help it because I’m tapping into your nervous system. How I get you to do that is I tell you something that you cannot argue with. The first thing that I tell you is the I stands for Identification. In that space, I want you to write, who are you and what qualifies you. What that means is you tell them who you are.

If you remember, I already did that with you. I’m going to try and go back and trace my steps. I said to you that I have a Doctorate in Neuropsychology. Mary did some of my identification but I always will come back and do it myself because I want you to hear it out of me. I said, “I’m in front of five million people by now.” It’s all about me at this moment. Why? It’s because you can argue with that. I’m telling you who I am and what qualifies me to be talking to you, regardless of the intro that was given. It’s got to come out of your mouth. This is one of the hardest things for speakers and presenters to do because people don’t like talking about themselves. You’ve got to squash that because it’s important to get people to go like that because they have to agree with you. They can’t say, “He’s not this. She’s not that.”

Once you get that, then you move to the next step, which the L stands for Logic and reason. Logic and reason mean here’s how things are and why they are the way they are. You tell them what they already know. I even will start off by saying, “Here’s how things are.” If I’m doing it for a software company or whatever. They create software for games, then I will say something. I have done my research and I will say, “Here’s how things are. The gaming industry is flourishing right now because of COVID.” I will say all these things and people go, “Yeah.” They will have to agree again. I’m getting them to go like that.

Every time I’m getting them to do that, what am I getting? More connection. There’s an energetic exchange. When I say energy, it’s a real thing. It’s not unicorns and crystals and rainbows. That energetic exchange, because they are going like this, “This guy knows. I agree with him.” Once I have that 60% of connection, then the A stands for Attack and confess. You now have a connection with these people. They like you. You like them. You’ve got an energetic exchange and the last thing that you want to do is to break that but please, everybody, write this down, “An undisturbed client will not buy.”

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Magnetic Connection: Stop worrying about you being arrogant. Just do the work before you go on stage and be yourself.


I’m not saying throw out the money. They don’t buy what you are saying as well. You’ve got to disturb a bit because it’s easy to keep going on like that. We have heard that. We felt good and we have walked away. My outcome always in any kind of presentation is to make sure that you do something and we are doing it right now. I’m getting you to do something. I promise you, in the end, I’m going to ask you to do something when I leave. That’s my outcome because that’s when you are going to get the results.

This is one of the biggest differences between a speaker and a presenter and somebody that influences. You attack them. Here’s the reason why you attack them. I have this ink pen here. This is my favorite ink pen. Mary Glorfield gave me this ink pen. It’s a magical ink pen. Everything that I write with it comes true. I have this ink pen for 30 years. I want you to have it. I give it to you. I put it in your hands and you accept this gift. You have gotten a gift from me after you’ve already got this connection from me. You are attached and energetically connected to this ink pen. If I turn around and take that ink pen away, what do you want? You want the ink pen back.

The reason you attack them is you have given them the gift of connection, your rapport and them agreeing with you and all of those things. They like you. They like what you have to say and what you represent already. You take it away by attacking them, leaving them to go, “I want the gift back,” just like the ink pen. I know that’s a metaphor but I want you to stay with me energetically. How you attack them is you do your homework and find out what their faults are. I might say things like this. We all want more and all those things but here’s what you have done. You procrastinate. You said you were going to do something but you didn’t step up and do it. You’ve got afraid of something. You didn’t follow through on something. At this moment, I’m taking the ink pen back.

Mary has seen me do this and I will literally get hostile on stage. I call it my angry badger. I will turn on him in a moment. I put on my angry face and I will point at them and I will go after them. The reason I’m doing this is I want to disturb them. The reason being is I want to break that rapport so there’s that scotoma, that blank space. A scotoma is a psychological term. It means there’s that space in your brain and I have broken that pattern and they are going, “What?” They are empty at that moment. I give them the pen back by confessing. Remember, it attacks and confesses. I confess by saying, “It’s not your fault. I have done the same thing.”

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At that moment, I may tell a story. I may say, “I have done this. I have done that the same as you.” They go, “I’ve got the ink pen back. I like him again. He’s like me. He’s done the same thing.” In the back of their mind, they know I have teeth and I can hurt them emotionally. I’m exposing myself. I want you to know because my outcome is I want to make sure that I am having a part in creating as many great mentors, teachers, presenters, coaches and things like that as possible so that we can all make this world a better place.

We need people like you. We need more people like this. Once I have done that, they are hanging on to my every word. They are hanging there because unconsciously, they know they don’t want to feel. That’s the worst emotional pain that people can feel. That is the fear of loss and rejection. I have tapped into that by taking it away from them. Somebody they like, I rejected them. Now, I have that back. It’s easy. The S stands for Solution. In the solution, this is the part where you pitch your product. You tell them, “The solution is to find a way to eliminate procrastination from your life. Whatever you attack them for in the past, the solution is to have a step-by-step process that’s going to give you processes to be able to be the best mentor, teacher, coach and presenter that you can have so that you don’t ever have to fall into that again. To condition yourself so that you automatically default to that most powerful you.

Most of you are going like this, “This is the shit. I want this.” I haven’t even told you what I’m going to give you. I just gave you the solution. The A stands for Assume the sale. It doesn’t mean you are selling them something at that moment. It means you get them to do something physically right now. This is when you get them and how I can get people to stand on their chairs to do whatever I want them to do because I asked them and I’ve done it with you. I’m retracing my steps. I said, “Get out a pen and paper and write this down.” It can be as simple as writing something down because now you are physically responding to my suggestions. If it’s live, I will tell them, “Stand up. Put a smile on your face. Take a deep breath.”

As long as I’ve got them to physically do something. That took me ten minutes to go through, but you can go through that process in 3 to 5 minutes and then you start your presentation and then they are hanging on to your every word. You tell them, “Here’s what we are going to learn.” By typing a one, I want to see how many of you have that level of urgency about doing and curious about what Michael said for me to talk about when we have finished this Q&A. How many of you are curious about what I want? Look at those lights up. The reason being is because I used that process that I said to you.

That was great because, Joseph, they hear us all the time. They want to sink their teeth into this. You gave them a process that they can immediately go out and start. They can get the training and the education. It’s about action. We are opening back up, things are happening. You gave them a model that works all the time.

That’s 1 of 12, by the way.

I have a quick question for you, Joseph. If I put you on stage with 20,000 people in the room and those people were such a diverse group of people. The reason I always wanted you to be the first person on stage was that you set up the day and the expectation. You created the energy or something in the room that people wanted to stay. Whether they came to see Tony or they came to see another celebrity, you set the day. How do you create that?

Part of it is what I taught you. The other part of it is my absolute dedication to making a difference in people’s lives. What I mean by that is whether I’m the first person or the last person, what my promise to myself is, I say this to myself. It’s in my preparation before I go out there that I now command my unconscious mind to give me the power, width, strength, recall, love, tenacity, passion and humor. Everything that I need to give these people 10,000 times more than they came for so that they walk out of here not just to be inspired and feel good but they do something. They changed their lives and in turn, they change other people’s lives as well. That is my purpose when I go out there on stage. As hokey as that might sound, that lives inside of me. The energetic part of it is that I’m going to set those people up to have the best day of their lives. Whether I’m going to do it all day or whether I’m on, in the beginning, to set it up for the day, I want them to know that I want them to feel good, be impacted and be influenced so that they are open for everything in that day.

It’s magical what you create, Joseph. Very few people have that kind of skill that can do that. I know a lot of it comes with experience and practice and prep. I do know you prep. I know how Tony preps to go on stage. Is there something you do right before you go on other than what you said?

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Magnetic Connection: You’re going to get people to dislike you, but you got to take control.


There are two types of prep. There is the external, meaning prepping for the event and studying them. All that I said before, I don’t take that willy-nilly. I’m going to do my homework on the audience that I’m talking to. Not just because I’m getting paid for it, that’s one reason. I want to deliver that but as I said, I want to impact people’s lives and let’s make a difference. I will do my homework on them but then I will also, without fail. Let’s call it incantation that I said right now to command my unconscious mind. That’s my prep for me that I never fail before I go on stage. Mary, you have been around with me for so many of these. We have had the privilege of being with so many amazing people, from Les Brown to Richard Branson, you name it, all of those people, otherwise they wouldn’t be there, are amazing.

It has been my experience that I don’t see them prepping like that. Not that mine is any better. Everybody has their own way. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’m going to be one of, if not, the most dynamic person that walks on that stage. Part of it is because of the energy that I bring to the stage because I did what I said. I prepped myself by saying those things, moving my body and getting myself in preparation. In my presentation course, I teach people to do that so that when I walk on stage, I’m already there versus I watch a lot of other people walk on stage and they have to go halfway through their presentation before they were on.

Me, I’m on before I walk on stage. I do it on purpose. At the risk of sounding too cosmic, I believe that they feel me before I walk on stage. I make it a point that they do. Michael, you said something, that person at the very back of the room, there’s a specific thing that I do in addition to that influence model. Mary, you have heard me say this a ton of times. Everything that I do from this point forward, everywhere I stand, everything that I say, every gesture that I make has a reason and a purpose. A lot of it has been a time in the saddle but it can be learned. I do something called marking the audience. I will pick people out and I will play to those people. I will send my energy out of all of those things.

Lastly, Mary mentioned that I taught at UCLA for several years. Terry Schmidt called me. I wrote the foreword for his new book. Terry was a Professor at UCLA and I didn’t have my degree then. He invited me to speak at one of his classes. I went in there doing what I do. The course was for engineers and managers. Only about 20% of them were undergrads. The rest of them were adults, 35 and above, from the private sector. They were engineers. They were 100 times smarter than me. They were super smart. I went in there, I did my thing and then the dean, his name was Dean Anderson at the time, got wind of it. He said, “Let’s bring this guy back.” Terry called me up and he said, “They want you to come back and teach.” I said, “Teach what? I didn’t know what thing to teach to these engineers.”

This was in the early ‘90s. I remember that was when this new term called downsizing came about and people were in reengineering. I made up a course called Reengineering Yourself for the Next Century. I taught a full semester. I did it because it looked good on the resume that I taught at UCLA. At the end of it, they said, “We want you to keep on teaching.” I said, “I don’t think so. I don’t want another job.” What wound up happening is I started doing extension courses. Every six months, I would come back and do three weeks but it was still to these engineers. The reason I share this with you is that these engineers, you can’t fake it with engineers. You’ve got to be spot on. You’ve got to have facts and explain things down to the nth degree.

One of the things that I teach is something that I called being a magnetic megapreneurs. It’s not the Laws of Attraction. It is the Physical Laws of Magnetism, how to magnetize yourself, how to bring those things into your life, situations, circumstances and even material things. This was something that I was teaching them. You are becoming an energetic magnet to those people out there. They are attracted to you. You want them and they want you. Set aside, everybody, the concept of the Laws of Attraction because I don’t want you to get hung up in that. I know probably most everybody has heard of the secret and the Laws of Attraction. It’s real stuff. It’s a 5,000-year-old philosophy with little methodology. If you ask 1,000 people what Laws of Attraction are, they go like this, “It’s what I think about it’s what I bring about.” They guess it and they made up, which means they don’t know. When I’m finished with what I’m about to tell you, your head is going to explode.

Magnetism is this. What I taught you to do is for you to have energy by your expectations for other people because you cannot do what I said without having energy. Type another one if you understand that, which you are causing them is to have the energy, even if it’s in the form of urgency. I’m going to prove it three times but the first time I’m going to prove it in a way that you can argue with. If you have ever done this, type a one like you are sitting in your car and you feel somebody looking at you and you look over and there they are looking at you.

Type a one if this has happened to you. You are sitting in your car, windows are rolled up and you maybe see an interesting or an attractive person and you look at that person and they feel you and then it’s you looking at them and they catch you. If you don’t believe me, the reason I told you about the engineers is that I had to prove this stuff. It’s something called Kirlian photography. Go on YouTube and look up Kirlian photography and you will see what I’m talking about. When you put your attention and intention on somebody else, four things happen. Your electromagnetic energy grows. The second thing that happens is they feel it. The third thing that happens is their electromagnetic energy grows. The fourth thing that happens is you become drawn towards each other. That drawn towards each other is called magnetism. I’ve got two powerful magnets here. They are super powerful. This is not the Laws of Attraction. This is the Law of Magnetism. One magnet attracts another magnet all the time.

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This is an ink pen. This ink pen has a steel clip on it. If I put it up against it, it’s going to stick to it, but I can shake it off. It’s not a strong bond. This is not a magnet. Even though it’s steel, it’s not. How do you make a magnet? You bombard iron with electrons, with electricity. What is electricity? It’s energy. You bombard it with energy. As soon as you do, you do it enough times in enough intensity, it becomes a magnet. That’s the way it is. Here’s one of my points. When you look at somebody else and you put your attention and intention on somebody else, you are doing two things. You are bombarding yourself with energy. You are creating electromagnetic energy from within. You can see it on Kirlian photography. You will glow with it. Where does it come from? It comes from you.

Your muscles are piezoelectric cells, which means they create and store electricity. When you go like this and your heart gets beating faster, you start creating more electromagnetic energy. When you put that energy on somebody else, they start growing it inside of them. You are now both magnets. Here are these two magnets. No matter what, as soon as I get close enough to it, they are going to do that every time. If I turn this one over and I reverse the polarity, it’s going to push it away. Even if I push them together and I hold them together, it’s always going to be that way.

The reason I share that with you is this. The flipping of the magnet is within ourselves, doubt, uncertainty and worry. That’s your psychology. You’ve got to get your psychology right. How I get mine right? “I command my unconscious mind to give me the power of the witness, strength, the recall, the love, the tenacity, the passion, the humor, everything that I need to give these people 10,000 times more than they came for. If they walk out of here, it’s not something that’s going to change their lives, but it’s going to change other people’s lives as well.” When I say that, I’m changing my psychology because I have said it many times. If I believe it, then they are going to believe it. There’s so much more I can teach you.

What you taught the audience is great because it’s a simple concept, at the same time, that’s one of the most powerful on the planet. I want to thank you for your time with us. I want to leave a little time for Q&A because it is not about Mary and me. It’s about this community. This community of people who are on this journey with us to get mentoring out to those that are less fortunate. I honor them. Are you okay with a Q&A?

You don’t scare me.

If you have a question, go ahead and raise your hand. Your five minutes’ story, it’s going to take away question times for everybody else. If you could literally ask a question in twenty seconds or less about a concept or something covered, that would be great. Go ahead and raise your hand. I will start picking you guys. Michael, you were the first one up. Michael, you are on.

Blessings, Joseph. Thank you for allowing us to share this beautiful space with you. One question that I have that I love that you shared that even confuses me. You said about magnetism, I love how you showed up but I do my best to always stay humble. How do you stay humble with that incredible confidence because that’s where I’m struggling with?

That’s a great question, Michael. I’m saying this to you, guys, because we are in the industry but I don’t say or come off that way to other people. In other words, I will say that in my dressing room, I will say those things to myself and then I mellow out. Richard Branson said to me one time, “How are you always so relaxed?” I literally am ready to go to sleep before I go on stage. Do all that work and then I will mellow out. I’m a pretty intense person but I can turn it on and off. It’s something that I would encourage you to do. I’m not going to say don’t worry about it. I can tell this about you already. Arrogance is not part of who you are. Stop worrying about you being arrogant and do the work before you go on stage and then be yourself. It will come out that way. If you start worrying about it, you get nervous about it. Do you worry about being arrogant when you are talking to your loved ones, yes or no?


Working with an audience is the same thing. You are not thinking about that. If you prepared yourself, then you get to relax to that place you used to walk out and have a conversation with them.

We have Brenda. You guys can introduce yourself, by the way.

Joseph, I’m Brenda. Thank you for having me. When you were talking about the new normal and we are going to be seeing more virtual continuing, how do you maintain that connection with a hybrid audience where you have some that are going to be attending online versus others that are there? I know being on stage, we can tend to default to the people that are in the room with us.

It’s no different. The difference was in me. When I walked out on that stage for the first virtual and I hadn’t done hardly any Zooms before I went there and did that. That was about 12,000 people, which was still a pretty substantial group of people. The thing that had got to me the most was I would say something and nobody would clap or nobody would say anything back. That was a little unnerving because it would throw me off. Once I’ve got it, then it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. I keep ongoing. You guys are not clapping for me now. I assume the sale. If I have gone through the process, I assume that they are right on board and because that’s where my energy comes from, then that’s where they are as well. I have done hybrids where people are sitting in an audience right there but I’m also talking to a screen as well. It’s an extra added attraction. I talk to a camera the way that I’m talking to an audience.

Thank you, Brenda. We have Sally.

How is it going? I connect to the COVID and not having any work to do because that’s what happened to me. My whole life shifted. I call myself now the self-care rock star. I started taking care of myself for the first time in several years. I wanted to ask, what was your first win going back that gave you the confidence to keep going?

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Think and Grow Rich

I will tell you the story, quick. Mary was there. I know you were. We were in Australia and the year had to be ‘95 or ’96. At the time, I wrote a book with Tony but my agreement with Tony was I would write the book, we wrote it as a cowrite but I had to write the book and do all the work to get it done. My agreement with him was he would do it with me. He would put his name on it but I had to come and work with his then-wife, Becky, as the head trainer for the organization, training the organization. I did have my Master’s at the time in Psychology. There was a group of, at the time, probably 50 or 60 trainers. I would go to every single event and I would be there. I was never on stage. I was just there running the trainer organization.

One day, it was at a UPW, we were in Australia. I get a phone call at freaking midnight and whoever was going to do day number four couldn’t do it. Tony was getting on a plane and getting the hell out of there. Tony called me up and he goes, “Joseph, I need you to do day number four for me.” I had seen day number four 100 times but I never taught it. I had never been in front of that stage. I said, “Tony, I need you to kiss my ass because I’m not doing it. I’m not prepared.” He goes, “We will get you prepared. We will get you all the stuff.”

Finally, I agreed to do it. I had never ever presented anything like that before. I was an entertainer for a little while but I had never done anything like that. It was apples and oranges. I stayed up all night long. I didn’t get any sleep. I hit that stage the next morning and I was certain because I had done all my prep and I was ready to go. I walked on stage. As soon as I walked out there, those Aussies, if there are Aussies on the line, thank you for being dicks.

Here’s what they did. As soon as I walked out there, I knew they were going to love me, they stood up and started to leave. Some of them were literally flipping me off as they were walking away. “We come here to see Tony. We didn’t come in to see you.” Even though Tony wasn’t going to be there. The next day he had Deb Russell or somebody else that would do that. What I realized was he didn’t tell him he wasn’t going to be there. I wasn’t a cute girl. They hated me. To answer your question, Sally, here was my win. I knew what I taught you. I also knew something called neurolinguistics and neuro-associative conditioning. I knew the value of interrupting a pattern. If something is going a certain way, you’ve got to interrupt that pattern.

What I said to them and I still use this to this day because he’s oftentimes still doesn’t tell him that I’m going to be on and he’s not. They were standing up and they were leaving in droves. At the top of my lungs, I said, “Stop right where you are. I know what you are doing.” I put on my angry face and I said, “You are looking at me right now and you are judging me and you are expecting a 6’7” white guy and now you’ve got a 5’9” black guy.” You are looking at me and you are going, “Look at him. He’s amazing. He’s handsome.” I started joking with them. What I did was I interrupted their pattern. Once I’ve got them laughing and I said, “I know you were expecting him but I promise you, if you sit down, I’m going to blow your mind.” They came back. That was the biggest win for me, because that taught me, at that moment, to take control of the stage. It’s not up to them. You are going to get hecklers and people to dislike you. You are going to get all that stuff and everything but you’ve got to take control. I went into what I taught you. I’m not going to say it has been smooth sailing since then but I know how to work with an audience now. That was one of my biggest wins.

Thank you so much. We have David.

Thank you, Joseph. I have seen you several times. I enjoyed it each time. You mentioned something called marking an audience. It was Bo Eason said, he goes in a few hours before an event and he touches every chair and points to the corners of the room. He calls that marking the room. What do you mean by marking the audience? He wants to get his energy out there.

That’s one way. There are two different aspects. Your energy enters the room before you do. My brain and my body can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not when I vividly imagine it and nor can anybody else’s. Using that same concept that I said, when you feel somebody looking at you in the car, I will look at them before I even see them. I don’t have to see them. I imagine when I’m in my dressing room. I imagine a room full of people and I will see them. I will send them my energy and my love. I believe that it affects them and they are expecting me before I get there. Once I get on stage, there’s a process that I do that I literally will pick out 6 or 7 people in the audience. There’s a system that I go through of directing my attention, energy and comments to those six people in succession. It causes a flurry of energy. I know it’s a short answer to your question but there are two different ways. I mark them before I go out there and then I mark them when I’m out there.

Keep doing what you're doing. Remember that this life is exactly what you dare to make it, and fortune favors the bold. Click To Tweet

We are going to take one more question and then we will have a feedback loop for other questions. We will make sure we get it to Joseph, too. I’m spinning the wheels on this one. Let’s give it up to Tim.

Thanks, Mike and Joseph. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind maybe stepping your story back from the one you answered with Sally and give us a little bit more of how you’ve got into the business. You’ve met Tony and the journey that got you to where you are now from before your big breakthrough with Tony and getting on stage.

The reason I do what I do is that somebody did it for me. I made a promise to somebody. When I was 17.5 years old, three grown men tried to take my life because of the color of my skin. It wasn’t just the beating, they tried to kill me, literally. I’m not exaggerating. I’m a small man. I’m only 5’9”. I was seven so I was smaller then. The things that they said to me while they were doing it, destroyed me, my self-esteem and my self-worth. I became homeless. I wound up living in a cardboard box behind an old drive-in theater. What changed my life was somebody that I didn’t know gave me a book. The book was called Think and Grow Rich.

He insisted that I read the book. I was desperate. I didn’t just read the book. I did what the book said. This is critical because a lot of people have read the book. I have read the book from the time I was 19 to the time I was 35 years old at least once a year. The reason I share that with you is my life started to change because I started to understand some basic things. I have developed it into something that I call neural encoding, which is the teaching of everything I know now, to help people make those changes quickly.

The reason I share that with you and to answer your question, part of my journey as I went back to that man and I said, “You have changed my life. How do I repay you?” He said, “Joseph, you repay me by doing the same thing that I have done for you for as many people as you possibly can for the rest of your life.” I was nineteen at the time and I didn’t take it that serious then but as time went on and I started to realize that I had been given a gift, I have honed that gift, that skill of helping people to at the least, program themselves so that they automatically default to their best selves. That was ten years before I met Tony.

That journey that I was on there was to first help heal my wounds. I liked the way that you said it in the beginning, Michael. You said the underserved people. It doesn’t mean that they are poor financially or that they are anything other than they have not been served this hot dish of personal development that we have. They are not there. First off, I’m fulfilling that promise that I made to him. Combined with the Laws of Magnetism, it’s not that I came into Tony’s life. Tony came into my life. The stars lined up that I met him at that particular time. I’m sure he will concur with me that we needed each other at that time, probably me more than him.

I take every call, interaction and presentation seriously that this call that we are on that at the very least, my sincerest wish is that something that I have said or something that you have learned through me, through Michael or Mary, does something to make even a little bit of a shift in your life. Whether it’s a story or whatever and that shift, those of us that dare to dream while the rest of the world is having a nightmare, we are not only going to create the abundance that we want in our own lives but the greatest part about it is that we become beacons of possibility for the masses. I don’t care whatever country you are in. It’s not going to be our government that changes things. It’s going to be bold, beautiful people like yourselves on this call that make a difference in people’s lives by having the guts to step up and do something different. It’s a long answer to your question but that’s part of my journey.

To summarize, when is the vision of going national and that you had something that you wanted to share with the world?

When I met Tony, my goal was to be a musician. I had no intention of doing what I was doing. I knew that my path for impacting people was through music. I was a singer-songwriter. My goal was to get a recording contract. I was trapped. I had a psychological challenge. The psychological challenge was I was raised with an amazing father who taught us that you’ve got to stay in school and keep a good job. You’ve got to get your degree if you are going to make any money at all and you are going to have a life. Being an artist didn’t fit with that picture. I was disappointing my father but then following my dream. I have gotten my Master’s. I had already stayed in school. I stayed in school even after I’ve got my degree. I couldn’t quit my job. I was a Dental Technician. I was playing music.

TMS 46 | Magnetic Connection
Magnetic Connection: Show up as an energetic person that transfers energy to other people and causes a change in their lives.


When I was in school, they taught us that a traditional phobia would take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to help somebody get over. I went to Tony’s seminar and I watched him take somebody that had a fear of heights and she was over it in an hour. If that works for her, I know I’ve got a phobia and I took it upon myself to study neurolinguistics at the time. I did it all myself. I’ve got rid of my fear. I quit my job. I’ve got a recording deal with CBS records. It took me about 2.5 years. That went all the way through to 1991. We have made the records and CBS was taken over by Sony and my deal got locked in there. To answer your question, it was like COVID, I thought, “What am I going to do?” I practice what I preach. Whenever strain, stress or anything shows up in my life, there’s something that comes over me that says STFU, Shut The Freak Up.

When I say the freak, I mean that yak inside your head going, “You can’t. There’s something wrong with you and everything’s going to be loose.” I automatically defaulted to that place and I thought, “I still get to be a musician.” Mary knows this. My mom got sick at that time. “There’s that Robbins guy who has been bugging me about coming to work with him.” That’s when I called him and made the suggestion of making the book. From there, it grew. I started to realize, “This is my opportunity.” First, it was from the book. I wanted to write the book because I wanted to impact my black friends who would go, “We are going, Joseph.”

My first win was in real estate. I went out and I bought a bunch of houses. This house that I’m in right now is my 32nd house. I did all those things so I could support myself by playing music. When I started doing well, my black friends would always go, “Joseph, what are you doing?” I go, “What do you mean what am I doing?” They go, “You are becoming successful, teach us.” I go, “I read these books. I go to these seminars. I do these things.” A lot of them would say the same thing, “We can’t trust those white people. We can’t relate to those white people.” I’m going, “Who cares what color they are? It doesn’t matter. The knowledge is still there.” That’s why I wrote that first book. The book is called Unlimited Power: A Black Choice. I wanted to bring this information and did bring in the black community. It started there. From there, one thing after another, being onstage and started to do things, I started to realize that I’m fulfilling that promise that I made to the man that gave me Think and Grow Rich. It blew up from there.

Joseph, you are amazing. Thank you so much for being here. I so appreciate it. I know everybody does. There are many stories I would love for you to tell like the motorcycle story. I could listen to you all night even though I have heard you many times. I get on a plane and I want to go straight to my seat, sit down and not talk to anybody. Joseph gets on and goes, “How are you doing? What are you doing? Who are you?”

I’m that guy.

Everybody loves you the moment they meet you. I’m grateful to you and grateful that I can call you my friend. If anybody wants more information about you, how can they get in touch?

The easiest way now is Instagram. My Instagram is @IAmJosephMcClendon. I’m learning to be there. It’s a COVID thing. I didn’t start Instagram until COVID. Now I post a couple of videos every day. I’m always teaching something. I have something on there that everybody here will enjoy. It’s free. Dr. Daniel Amen and I created something called The Brain Revolution Summit. It’s free. If you go, you can either go to my Instagram and click on the link below my profile and you will see it. It says The Brain Revolution Summit or you can go to The Brain Revolution Summit. In case you don’t know him, Dr. Amen is the world-renowned expert on brain scans. If you go there, you will see that scanned my brain.

We created this thing. He’s the hardware. He’s going to show you how that organ called your brain works and how to make it better. I’m the software. I’m going to teach you how to program. It is something I call neural encoding. It’s spectacular. It helps people program themselves so that you automatically default to your best you. We did a little documentary. I’m in Newport Beach and his office is here as well. He invited me to come and get my brain scan. When I first went in there, I was a bit apprehensive because I had brain damage from when those guys beat me up and a couple of other incidents as well.

I knew I was going to do well on the cognitive part because I know how to manipulate my brain. I did. When they scanned my brain, they literally take a picture of your brain, on the inside and you can see it. I was expecting him to go. We have this on video. If you go to The Brain Revolution, you will see that we did a documentary of myself getting my brain scan. I was nervous. I was close to tears because I knew that he was going to look at my brain and go, “How are you standing up? How are you walking upright? How are you doing anything at all with a brain as damaged as yours?” I was 67 years old at that time. He looked at my brain and goes, “Joseph, look at this. This was a good brain. Look at this, there’s almost no difference. You have the brain of a 35-year-old man. You have a very healthy brain.” I was emotional at that moment because I was expecting the opposite.

It shows the top, the bottom and the sides. You can see on the bottom where there is a little bit of damage. He says, “It has nothing to do with your cognitive skills or anything else.” When it was all over, I went down to my car and I was driving home. I didn’t even make it to the first light where I had to pull over and I cried like a baby, because every time I stumbled over my words, every time I misplaced something, every time I misspoke or I did something stupid, I would always, in my mind, chalk it up to I had brain damage. It wasn’t true. I have never been so happy to be wrong about myself. That shift is what I want everybody to get. You are human. We all do it. Any of that crap, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. You can change it. You can program yourself and change yourself.

The beautiful part about everybody here, you are all coaches and mentors and teachers and podcasters. This is an opportunity for you to do what others won’t. That is whatever your knowledge is in, whatever your expertise is, there’s somebody out there that needs and wants to hear it. If I’m going to put you on blast, I’m going to say, “You owe it to them to show them how they can be at their absolute optimum.” We are podcasters and speakers but at the very least, show up as that person and your energy like the transfers of energy in the car will change people as well.

We started with amazing energy, Joseph. You brought tremendous learning. I have been watching the comments. We are so grateful to have you on. I’m grateful as this is a community that we do this together to bring this message out for myself, the show and all the mentors on this. I honor you and Mary for what you have done around the world, the lives and the differences that you have made. Thank you so much for spending your time with us because your time is as important as ours. Joseph, thank you so much. If you ever need anything from us, we are here to make a difference, change the world and make it a better place every day. Thank you again for being with us.

It’s my pleasure. Keep doing what you are doing. Everybody remember this, life is exactly what you dare to make it. Fortune favors the bold. Keep being bold and step it up and make it happen. I love you guys. I appreciate you. Thank you, Mary. I love you.

Thank you, Joseph. Thank you all for being on. We will have special guests through the years. Ones that you normally won’t catch time with. Let’s thank Mary because she’s going to bring us some pretty amazing people. I also wanted to thank those of you who have joined us in the Elite Mentoring Program. It means you are on a tighter journey with us and you are following through with that. For those of you on, give yourselves a round of applause. These are the kinds of people we are going to be working with intimately. It’s going to be quite a program as we build it as we go. In the first group, I’ve got two spots left.

If anybody is interested, private message me. I will tell you what it’s about, see if you want in and see if it fits for you. We don’t take everybody because it’s not the right time or not the right place. If that’s something that you are still on the fence about, make it happen and talk to me. It’s amazing. The last person who had joined was so perfect and could easily make it work and happen. I’ve got many ways to do this. Don’t doubt yourself. Do what he said. Take the journey and let us be with you on your journey to help you in any way. Mary and I are here to be of service. It’s what our life has been about. It’s with everything we have ever done. From myself, Mary Glorfield and everybody else out here, we wanted to thank you so much for being on. Mary, thank you again.

Thank you. I learned so much. I have known Joseph for several years and I still learn.

I learn every day from you, Mary. I’m excited about the big events you are going to be producing in the US and then internationally. We are talking big events, people on stage. We are going to learn so much. We are going to have a place to be there. Come, volunteer. Be part of it and we will do everything for you. We are going to let it go as one. Lee, are you on here? Did I miss you or did you have to go? Take us out.

Give me a word.


Magnetize love and positivity. Let’s send it off as one. Rub that energy together. You guys are awesome. Thank you for hanging out with us. We will see you in a little bit.

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