Changing Your Health, Wealth And Relationships For The Better With Dawna Campbell

TM 48 | Changing For The Better


There are three areas that people worldwide want a change in – health, wealth, and relationships. For those who haven’t taken hold of one or all of these, you might want to listen to Dawna Campbell. Known as The Mind Whisperer, Dawna works with clients to help them achieve a life of happiness, prosperity, and love. In this episode, you’re in for a treat as she joins Michael Silvers to talk about how you can create instantaneous results for yourself to move forward. Also, discover how saying yes to everything aligned with your purpose will change your perspective and manifest infinite prosperity in all areas of your life.

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Changing Your Health, Wealth And Relationships For The Better With Dawna Campbell

I can’t believe it has been a few years when we took the two hiatuses, which was a nice time off, which is always great. You could say, Michael, “Why don’t you just do it as a season or a second season?” Because I don’t. How’s that? It’s simple enough. Every podcaster out there is going, “What?” That’s all right. You got to be who you are and you’ve got to do it for whatever the purpose is. To me, this show is about education and training and for you to hear people that you normally wouldn’t. Do we use it to promote the show? Yes. Do we use it to promote the website? Yes.

We have a lot of channels. I’ve gone to the channel of the live events. Not everybody can do that. You’ve got to find the channel that works for you. You might do it through mobile funnels, websites, or Meetups. There are a lot of different ways to do it. Whatever decision you make is right for you and know that you might do it through Instagram. It’s still an animal I’m getting used to. I wanted to welcome everybody again to the show. To find out more about what we do, you can do a couple of things. You can go to

For those in the US, what you can do is you can text the letters TMS to 26786. It will put you into a mobile funnel. There are only five little drips you’ll get and that’s it. It stops at that point, but it will lead you to our open Facebook group so you can be part of that. We have over 527 mentors. It will also tell you a little bit about more of what we do and then send you to the site and go from there. Also, to be part of the complementary group, we have a mastermind every two weeks that everybody gets to be a part of. That’s pretty rock and rolling.

My guest will blow the doors off anything you’ve ever thought about how this world is put together, from finance to healing, to life to spirituality, to manifesting. What we do is we’re here to make a change. She is a mentor in The Mentor Studio. She is one of our elite mentors. She is brilliant. She has been on stages all around the world. She has been heavy on digital and she comes from a finance background. She has put it all together, which is what we’re always looking for. She’s going to do it in her own right because you guys know how to do that. Without any further ado, let’s give it up for Dawna Campbell. Dawna, how are you?

I’m good. Thank you so much for having me here with you, Michael, The Mentor Studio, the show. It’s an absolute pleasure.

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It’s a beautiful day because people in the US and I understand around the world, it’s still hard in some places, but we’re starting to open. It’s like the flower is starting to open. We need a lot of healing along the way. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? Also, right away, tell them how they can connect with you if they would like to.

Formerly, I’m a Financial Advisor and Managing Principal of an investment firm. I chose that career path because I was passionate about helping other people create opportunities for themselves and their children that I didn’t have when I was growing up. I thought that was my career path. I was responsible for $500 million of other people’s money, but what happened was it broke down my health and I couldn’t digest food for two years. It ended my marriage and I was a single parent being financially devastated during the global recession of 2008. What I learned from that was my healing journey, which is what I do in the healing world.

It’s great because what sometimes happens too is because you’ve come from one world, you understand it. That’s a big piece. How can they reach you if they want to have a session with you or meet you right away?

The easiest way to get in contact with me is to text the word Manifesting to 26786. That will allow you to get in contact with me, look at a session, get into my social media, and everything from there.

In our lives, there are those things that start us off. We used to always talk about the great books and it could be for you a great book. I even had someone who said a tape and somebody wrote, “What’s a tape?” Nowadays, it could be a podcast or YouTube. What gets you up every day? What sent you down this journey?

Part of it was my own journey but having the realization that I had the ability to help other people. As I helped other people, it made their life better. If their life was better and each person’s whose heart you could touch, it created the world a better place. It could be something as small as smiling at the clerk at the grocery store line so they’re nice to the next 5 or 6 people or something that was life-transforming as somebody overcoming a physical-level illness and disease because they could get to do all the things they always wanted to do in life. It’s about that heart-centeredness. If I’m in a good place and they’re in a good place and then other people are in good places, then everything is going to shift and change in the world. We can create the place where we want to live in that love, peace, kindness, and happiness. I think that’s why we’re meant to be here on this Earth.

A lot of the audience and all of you out there too are thinking the same thing, “What’s in it for me?” Because you know that’s the question that comes up all the time. There’s that first, “Can I make more money? I know I can feel better. Can I make more money? I know I can be more spiritual.” Can you address that a little bit?

TM 48 | Changing For The Better
Changing For The Better: Happiness is on the inside. You can look for it on the outside through different means, but it will not fulfill you because it’s a vibrational feeling.


Absolutely. There are three areas that people internationally, all around the world, want a change in. The first category is health, but rarely, what they’re asking for is happiness because there’s something within them that’s preventing the happiness and that’s that physical-level illness or disease. It’s the second category as well, but what they’re asking for are prosperity and abundance. That’s in all areas of life, not just in monetary money form and then relationships, whether it’s a relationship with yourself, your family, or your spouse. That’s all about the love. Everyone wants a prosperous life of happiness and love. By going through the process, working with me, learning the techniques, and doing the different things, that’s what you’re going to receive in the end. It’s the things that you’ve been asking for that haven’t come to fruition yet, that life of happiness, prosperity, and love.

The greatest thing too is as I want to say, “She’s somebody I want to work with or get to know or find out more.” One thing about mobile funnels, everybody, is that a drip sends you in different directions and you find the one that works for you, which is great. It’s not like you’re going to get 55,000 emails over the next two weeks. It’s not what it’s about. Everybody learned that. If I come to this show and I listened to Dawna and I decided, “For some reason, I don’t want to listen to Michael’s show ever again,” whatever that is, what are three things you could teach them that they could take away from this show and use immediately?

The first thing is that happiness is on the inside. You can look for it on the outside through different means, material objects, and things, but it’s not going to fulfill you on the inside because that is a vibrational feeling. When it’s on the inside first, it will return it to you everywhere in the outside world. The second thing is to do small things with great love. Because when you’re in that energy of love, kindness and peace, even if it’s smiling at someone walking down the street, it returns to you, but when it does, it always magnifies.

The third thing is three keys to opening up doors of prosperity are faith, trust, and belief. Because when you have faith, trust and belief, you’re in the right energy, the right types of frequencies to align your thoughts in the correct manner to return to you to have that come back to you every single time. I know when I went through all of my hard times and the difficulties of my health, my marriage ending, and then being financially devastated myself, I wrote down some key phrases. In those phrases, I wrote, “Trust and you will see. Believe and you will know. Have faith, all is well. Follow your heart and the spirit will lead you.” To that day, it’s like a personal mantra or prayer that I pray that I’ve become. It’s those three key elements, faith, trust, and belief, every single time that will always return to you results.

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You make it simple and it’s not about simple. It’s about a daily routine and creating a habit. Routine is not boring, everyone. I don’t like daily routines. I always used to say that. It’s taking a look at even everything that you do, “Does it fit the criteria?” It’s like what we talked about, too. When you do something, we used to say, “It’s ecological. There’s no harm to yourself or others.” If it fits that criteria, just say yes because there’s always the fear of not moving forward. I find it more in the US. We’re attuned to say no and I think it’s the barrage of information that we get along the way. If you have something that you can easily fine-tune, do something on a daily basis and make that yes decision quickly. You have a movie called Yes Man, which had a lot of good points.

It changed my perspective and I started saying yes to everything. I only say yes if it’s in alignment with my purpose.

For me, it’s because I very much have that, “No, it’s taking time away from me. No, it’s too much.” How many times have you worked in events or you’ve done something where you’ve done fourteen hours already? For us, we get a call and Chris or somebody would say, “Is there any chance you could jump to Singapore tomorrow?” “I just worked nineteen straight, yes.” Now, I looked at the ecological. There is that point, whether it’s harm to yourself or others, but I think there’s that point you realize too it’s also a part of, what is the word you used?


Your qualifier for you to say yes is what again?

For it to be in alignment with what my purpose is.

For everybody out there, when you realize that, if my purpose is to educate and train a million people to live their dreams, likes, and desires, it’s bigger, but why wouldn’t I say yes? You need some sleep. I’ve worked from home for many years. I got plenty of rest.

I sleep on the plane.

The plane isn’t great. I always used to hear, “I don’t sleep on a plane well,” then lie differently. Especially because I’m tall, people will say, “They’re back on a couch sound asleep.” That doesn’t work for somebody who is 6’3″ and above. It’s all how you bring it into everything that you do. Dawna did a presentation on The Mentor Studio and she rocked it. The great thing is, Dawna is also willing to take the constructive feedback.

That’s how you grow and magnify yourself forward. I understand you can’t be all things to all people, but you can take the best comments and feedback and learn from it, grow from it and be better next time.

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One last question because this is a great way for people to remember who you are, too. You stood in front of Richard Branson. I always change who it is. For whatever reason, I pulled Richard. He came out of the hat and that’s what it is. What would you say to him in 30 seconds or less to let him know what you do?

I would probably ask him first a question back to see what it was that he wanted to shift and change in his life or have better and then share with him how it works by using him as his demonstration. If I had to explain it, it would be that your subconscious records everything from the moment you’re born to the moment that you exit this Earth. It’s constantly assigning feelings and emotions to those events. We get stuck in those feelings and emotions. The problem is, 10% of the time, we don’t know what got stuck. What I help you do is unstick and change that frequency inside to create instantaneous results for you to move you forward to help you gain infinite prosperity in all areas of your life.

With that being said too, there are also those places and people love to know this. We’ve started this into some of the shows. You’ve done retreats in other countries. Where is your most favorite place you’ve ever done a retreat and you yourself would have run a retreat?

I’m going to have to say the one that’s coming up in Belize. That will be held the first full week of November in 2021.

Tell us about it.

I absolutely fell in love with the country. It’s going to be a healing retreat. We get to go to the Mayan Ruins. We get to go cave hiking through waterfalls and spelunking. We’re going to do a day at the beach, but you’re going to be learning the techniques and coming out healing, working on yourself, and having lots of skillsets in your new medicine bag.

What’s great about that is it shows our certain lifestyle. You’re going to be in Belize having a great time. I think that’s the same week I’m in either St. Martin or The Bahamas doing events. If you got to do events, people, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

We can see it past the Caribbean from each other. It’s okay.

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We’ll wave. That’s what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll even do a live show or something. We’ll do a broadcast from your center. Do you have internet down there?

Yes, I do. I’ve made sure of that.

We know there are places that are still an issue and that’s we get very spoiled where we’re at.

I did a precursor trip to it and learned what I needed. There’s internet everywhere now out there.

Whatever we said so far, they’re not going to remember anything. I do the same thing. You’re doing other things, but you’re like, “They’re wrapping up. Maybe I should listen.” What would you like to leave our audience with? Again, how can they connect with you?

I would share, live the life that you love and love the life that you live because you can’t go wrong when you do that. It’s all about loving yourself first. The best way to get in touch with me is to text the word manifesting to 26786. It’s very simple and easy.

Dawna Campbell, thank you so much for being on. This has been great. The Mentor Studio is always about education training. You never know where we’re going to go and what we’re going to talk about. It’s great to do what we do. We’re on YouTubeApple, and all the services. Also, if you want to text, we love that text opt-in. If you’re in the US, TMS to 26786. We’re also going to have some promo videos coming out. We’ve also partnered for most of you. This hasn’t happened since we last talked. We have partnered at The Mentor Studio with Powerteam International and Get Motivated, so it gives us two of the largest event producers on the planet. We got a lot coming with 300 events and 150 hours digital. We would love you to join us. From myself, The Mentor Studio, and all of my partners, Dawna, thank you so much. For those of you out there, whether it’s your morning, afternoon, or evening, have a brilliant day. We’ll talk to everybody very soon.

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About Dawna Campbell

TM 48 | Changing For The BetterConsidered a Mind Whisperer, Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love.  Her vision is to transform each person’s individual pain into “silver lining” gifts to create a global impact of healing and creating abundance for all.

Dawna has over 25 years combined years of professional experience.  As a former Financial Advisor, her book, Financially Fit, is a #1 Amazon International Best Seller bringing together the world of money and the energy body, and the souls essence.  “Financially Fit is for the person who wants to align their inner balance to gain infinite prosperity in all areas of their life,” says Dawna Campbell.

Dawna is a professional speaker sharing her techniques during interactive workshops and maintains an international private practice with her Heart Centered Healing approach to “Create it Now”.  She has shared the stage with Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter, and David Meltzer.

Dawna’s educational background includes University Degree’s in both Finance and Marketing and she spent a decade in the Financial Planning arena as a Managing Principal for an Investment Firm.  She lived in an Ashram (spiritual living community) for a year studying the energy body, brain wave patterns, meditation and healing.  In addition, she has studied natural healing with a Medicine Woman, Shamans, Yogic Healers, and Buddhist Monks, as they passed down their gifts.

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